Friday, June 01, 2012

Merging the code

To merge the MTGame and JMonkey projects I had to do a diff on each modified file and carefully step through the code... MTGame now holds an improvement to the rendering framework - the improvement is to provide an alternate scene graph path to the JMonkey scene graph. This is enabled by providing a RenderTechnique that can calculate bounds, flatten world space transforms, perform culling etc on the same scene graph that is used by the Avatar Animation System. The IMI scene graph nodes use matrices to represent their local and word transforms instead of breaking it down into separate components.
Removed unused assets from avatarbaseart and put the new assets in...
I had to add EngineCore.jar to the common WL jars (where mtgame.jar is) because when the MTGame renderer encounters a RenderComponentIMI it will use the common class loader to find the IMI scene graph render technique that resides in EngineCore.
Last week I already replaced avatars.jar with the new one at modules/world/avatarbase/lib and modified the files that were required for the avatarbase module to compile with it.

The MTGame and JMonkey versions that are used by WL are now merged with the versions that were used by IMI. The avatarbase module is referencing the avatars project from the google code repository and I can run a WL server and client, log in and walk around the default garden arches environment. The avatar is not visible yet :), I'll keep posting my progress.


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