Monday, August 24, 2009

Freezing the Avatars project on the Sun SVN

As you might already know Wonderland is going through a period of bug fixing in which no new features are added, we evaluated what are the things we would like to touch up before freezing the avatars repository which are used for wonderland integration*. First is a fix to the hair placement issue, each head skeleton has a special joint called "HairAttach", this joint is used to properly transform the hair into position. We made sure that all the head skeletons are set up nice. Another issue we ironed out is color modulation for every clothing item and the skin, the system supported this feature for a very long time now but we made common use of alternative techniques (that often gave better results) such as using texture blending tools (avaiable in the avatars project, but can also be done with common industry tools) to compose a custom texture. The latest commit to the repository changed all the defaut textures that are used by all clothing and skin to black and white, this insures that color modulation will yield the desired results.
In the picture you can see two avatars with white color modulation on the clothes and skin tone color modulation applied on the skin, the shoes, pants, shirt and hair can each be individually color modulated.



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