Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cosmic Engine Demo Release Date Set

3) Cosmic Birdie Demo - now I've played this, and its fun! Are we going to see the GDC/JavaOne demo release any time soon?


I guess I can say this now, there will be a semi-public release after this holiday week. So I'll go ahead and commit it to Monday, July 10th.

A couple notes though...

This will be single player only with very little "game". That is, the build will not allow networked play isn't really set into gmae round format. It's "open" play in an arena level. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is for testing purposes. Most people that will be testing will only need to get in and out and see what's happening with the graphics, physics, collision, motion, UI, and gameplay elements. Also, the connecting and hosting UI is a mess and unusable for all but the internal team. The next major public release will have playable networking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

21hours and 58 minutes to go.. oh wait, 57. Weee!

Seriously shawn, really looking forward to it.


6:07 PM  
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