Thursday, June 29, 2006

Particle-Text System Update

It's been over a week since I posted about our text overlay system in development so I thought I would at least put up a quick update for the rest of the team and others interested out there.

I have more than a simple prototype up and running and testing has moved from our engine viewer to the actual game run-time. There was many interesting and nasty details to work out to get this into a usable "TextPanel" type object structure, and perhaps I will post about them sometime, but I doubt it :-).

Anyway, I have the particle-text in panels that animate out into view and flip up (or could animate just about anyway we like). Check out the sequence of screenshots showing this effect (click it for the full size image). At this point I will be putting this aside now and moving back to finishing of the single player beta that needed this system for training messages, etc.

I hope to put out the playable tech/demo after July 4th week.


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