Friday, July 17, 2009

Developing a "Best Fit" view model

To followup with improvements and fixes to Wonderland0.5, we created an option in the context menu that attempts to position a camera on a cell of interest containing an X11 app; to allow the user the "best view" possible upon interaction.

This context option currently switches the user camera to a First Person Camera (FPS Camera), and based on the transform of the cell of interest, attempts to calculate the best position to place the camera so the user gets the best view of the cell. When the user wishes to go back to the avatar view mode, selecting the "Best Fit" in the context window will return the user to a third person camera. This mode will undoubtedly make interactions and/or viewing X11 apps easier.

Due to current refactoring of the Wonderland0.5 code, the "Best Fit" context mode will be available in about a week. The code has been submitted to the Wonderland Team to be integrated in with the refactoring. Expect more cool things like the Chase Cam and the Best Fit view mode as wonderland evolves and matures.


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